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We have a bundle of neighborhood kids who call Ormewood Church home. Throughout the year, different activities are offered to better connect children and families, such as playground bike meet-ups, parenting WhatsApp Groups, Christmas Pageant, Children's Choir, and more. 

On Sundays, children participate in worship with adults until about halfway through the service. Children are then welcome to join Sunday School during the sermon where they learn about Bible stories, real life applications, and loving themselves and their neighbors. We are currently using the Whirl Curriculum to assist in this. Children are led back into worship in time to participate in Communion. All Sunday School volunteers undergo a background check, and we have 2 adult minimum for all church activities involving children. 

Our smallest church folks, babies and toddlers, are provided two person nursery care in the basement of the Fellowship Hall. Just go down the driveway toward the chickens and turn left.

We are taking a sabbath from our annual summer Creative Camp in 2024 in order to better onboard our new staff person. We are hoping to host Friday night parking lot gatherings with pizza during this summer's camp "pause" as a way to keep gathering with neighbors and their kiddos. 

Children's Ministry at Ormewood Park is currently organized in a partnership between Rev. Jenelle and the Children's Ministry Team. Current members of this team are Leslie Hill, Valerie Calhoun, and Torrie Souther. 

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