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At Ormewood, one of our four core values is to participate. To be a community we give and receive of ourselves and our time and each other. But there's not one way to participate at Ormewood -- below are ways where you can connect, serve, and enrich our community.


Making Sundays Happen

Each Sunday morning there are several moving parts to make the welcoming atmosphere and worship service happen. Want to help? Scroll down to sign up for Sunday School, Snacks, or Greeting. 

Here at Ormewood Church one way our children can explore God is through Sunday School, and we need helpers to guide our kids through this time of exploration and learning. 

One of our core values at Ormewood is welcoming others -- sign up to help us do just that! Greet folks as they come in at the welcome table, make sure they have a bulletin, and are all signed in and ready for worship.

We want coming to Ormewood to feel like coming home, and offering small bites is a part of our hospitality Sunday mornings. Sign up to bring snacks to share,

either store bought or homemade.

Our Teams

Want to volunteer regularly in a specific area? Check out our teams below and email the Team Lead (click their name) to learn more.

Church Building Rendering.jpg


Our space is part of our ministry of presence - from the dog park to the parking lot where kids bike and the playground, we do our best to be available to our neighborhood. The B&G Team maintains and supports our physical space for the good of our community.



We hope to be of service to our neighborhood and greater community and to provide practical opportunities for engagement in mission. At Ormewood, what we mean by “mission” is participating in God’s reconciling mission in the world, which is to restore all of us to being neighbors and loving each other as such. We do this by being engaged in the work of God's justice for vulnerable people through giving, education, and participation.



Team Lead: Jenelle

In the worship we embrace creativity and possibility in crafting our worship - on the worship team, we consider worship series topics, art projects, spiritual practices, and more to facilitate our community's exploration of the living God.

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Team Lead: Dan Souther

Numbers and systems are as much ministry as worship and missions. Help our church live our mission in the very fabric of our function. In partnership with church leadership, we plan for the church’s financial well-being and sustainability and ensure that we are taking care of the employees of Ormewood Church.



Team Lead: Tracy Andrews

From our Halloween Hot Dog Fest, Chalk & Chomp, Caroling, parades, movie nights, and so much more, we host events to enrich, educate, celebrate and just have some fun. This team plans, handles logistics, and makes possible  these neighborhood events.


Children & Youth

We love our kids and our teens! Serve on our children and youth team and contribute to their fun and learning and our commitment to make sure our youngest members are valued and celebrated.


Ormewood Church WhatsApp "Community"
In addition to our outward facing communications, we host a Community in WhatsApp for Ormewood Church. Within that community, you can find groups for age, stage, and interests, such as parenting, social outings, and inspiration. WhatsApp offers a space for congregants to directly communicate about things that are important to them (and also send GIFs). 


Find us on WhatsApp here.  

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