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Ormewood Park

Parking Lot Parade

We are doing a fun, fun, fun neighborhood Parking Lot Parade on May 15 at 11AM. We are looking for your wacky costumes, decked out bikes, cute pets, and strollers of babies to walk down our Yellow Chalk Road!


Each entry in the parade is $5. Local judges (like Sarah from Three Parks, Spoon royalty, and Vicar Ashley from Holy Comforter!) will be giving away sought after awards like "Most Ormewood" or "Decked out Doggie." 


All proceeds will go toward the maintenance of our lovely property. Your support and enthusiasm are appreciated! So are your masks and social distancing ;)


What else?

Raffle, Food Truck, and King of Pops

Joining us for the event will be Big C's Chicago Kitchen food truck and King of Pops. 


 And you don't want to miss out on the raffle. Raffle tickets are $5/ticket or 5 for $20. We'll have three awesome baskets for raffle:


Bike Ride Box, created by Gray Clevenger and Chris Holmes, will include all the essentials for a great bike ride--including some Flat Tire. Cheers!


Doggie Dreams, created by dog lover and mom Paige Kelly, will have the sweet surprises you need to keep your pup happy and stylish.


Family Treasures, created by Torrie Souther and Karen Thorberg will offer items to keep your family having fun this summer, along with a gift certificate for Ormewood School Summer Camp!

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